Different Methods Of Growing Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Growing2.jpgSince the legalization of Cannabis due to its therapeutically proven reasons, majority organizations have embarked on large-scale husbandry of Cannabis. As a result, new breeds of Cannabis have been discovered, and this has resulted in a lot of confusion for the few who have no idea how Cannabis looks like. Weed and Hemp are close cousins only that hemp contains a negligible amount of Cannabis. The motive behind growing of hemp was to provide industrial raw materials such as fiber for clothes, ropes, and many more textile products. Cannabis was grown for medicinal purposes although the growers were to obtain legal documents for increasing it.

Nowadays, cannabis has been gained acceptance in many states, and this has given rise into techniques applied in growing of the Cannabis. The common one is the natural way where the cannabis is raised in a bare field to make use of the natural light. The downside of this method is that it takes some time to realize a reasonable yield. Growing in a bare land may require more nutrients application since the majority of the soils have been rendered infertile by the methods of farming. Again, the rays of the sunlight which determine the strain needed in the medicinal Cannabis sometime are affected by weather. Some varieties of Cannabis are recommended to be grown in a particular room, but very few people can afford such specialized structures. Check out the difference between weed and hemp or visit the site for more details.

The second method is indoor growing where different mediums are used to catalyze the process and the rate of maturity. This is considered as the best method because everything is controlled. Under indoor husbandry electricity replaces the natural sun rays and this makes the Cannabis seedlings to thrive very quickly and give the required concentration. There is little to be termed as a downside of this method although the farmers require constant power supply around the clock. In a meter indoor square garden, a farmer can harvest to a tune of ten kilograms of Cannabis within a month. The medium used in indoor have to be interchanged periodically because every medium has its role to play. For instance, there is a medium for accelerating absorbency while there is a medium to increase the photosynthesis.

For those states which not legalized Cannabis growing, prospective farmers are advised to fill forms to show adherence to the federal rules governing farming and consumption of cannabis. Any breach of such laws and regulation, the farmer has to be accountable for their misconducts. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/technology-for-commercial-greenhouse-cannabis-growers_us_59e7ab9be4b0432b8c11ec30.


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